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Are you taking good care of the health of your feet? Foot care is an essential part of our daily hygiene rituals, and if you're neglecting your feet, it's not long before dryness sets in, and cracks begin to emerge. Modern-day life can be tough and exhausting, and by the time we get done with our chores, relaxing often takes precedence over our skincare needs. 

Have you ever wondered why baby feet are so soft and delicate? It's because we take care of their feet and keep them well-moisturized. If you neglect your feet for too long, they get exposed to all kinds of skin qualms and complications. It doesn't take much time to pamper your feet with foot creams or foot soaks, and it will also allow you to relax and rejuvenate. 

In this article, we will explore the need to look after our feet, and we'll talk about the risk factors of calluses, a discomforting foot ailment. We'll explore what calluses are, alongside proposing some effective remedies to prevent and treat them. 

Here's everything you need to know about dealing with calluses and restoring the health of your feet.

What Are Calluses? 

Calluses refer to the thick and hardened layers of skin that emerge when the skin constantly tries to safeguard itself against immense pressure and friction. Calluses can develop on the foot skin, alongside toes, hands, and fingers. Aside from giving our feet a distorted appearance, they can also cause immense discomfort while walking. They typically have a pale or yellowish color and a lumpy texture. 

The skin around the callus tends to be somewhat numbed as it is less sensitive touch as compared to the rest of the foot. Calluses are typically wide and big. They typically emerge in areas where the skin is constantly rubbing against a surface, such as a bone, a shoe, or even the ground. They are likely to emerge over the bony part just beneath the toes. This is basically the area of the foot that balances our weight as well walk around. 

For a healthy individual, calluses don't mean much harm and can be easily removed. However, if you are suffering from diabetes or any other chronic ailment that reduces the blood flow to the feet, calluses can lead to various health risks. If you suffer from a chronic illness, it is wise to consult your doctor immediately for professional care for calluses. 

You can identify calluses by the amount of discomfort they can cause when you walk. They typically emerge as a raised and hardened bump covering a rough patch of skin. The skin tends to be overly dry and flaky, and you will feel a subtle pain or tenderness in the area. In some instances, calluses tend to become extraordinarily discomforting and inflamed. However, in other cases, they rarely cause pain and be dealt with a foot scrubber or a callus remover. 

If you are continually struggling against calluses, consider investing in a large foot file, or other callus removers. There is a wide variety of calluses removal products and tools, and we will walk you through their benefits and uses. But before we jump into that, we cannot stress enough on the need to hydrate and moisturize the feet, coupled with the use of foot peels and foot scrubbing. Remember, prevention is always the best cure. 


What Are Callus Removers & How Do They Help? 

The beauty industry is buzzing with a remarkable variety of foot callus removers, and the majority of these products can be easily used at home. While there are many medically administered calluses remover gels and medicinal products, we will discuss the products that can be used easily at home without any professional supervision. 

You can browse through a wide array of callus removal products, including gels and electric devices, which will eliminate all dead skin and soften up the hard skin. They will give you smooth, soft, and callus-free heels in no time. 


Callus remover gels are ideal for feet that suffer from excessive dryness and cracking. These are the high-end callus removal products that are used in spas and salons, and they need to be administered with care. Many callus remover gels for feet require you to wear gloves while using them. You begin by soaking your feet lukewarm water for a few minutes. After taking them out, gently massage your feet with a pumice stone, or use your new electric scrubber carefully.


Starting off, you apply the gel and allow your skin to soak it for at least five minutes. Then, you pick up the pumice stone or other scrubber and start exfoliating the rough skin. Afterward, rinse off the dead skin and moisturize your feet. The calluses will be gone, and you'll be left with smooth and healthy feet. These are excellent products for those who struggle with excessively dry heels and deep cracks. 


Many people find our gel to be a better solution for removing foot calluses, and the market is brimming with countless creams. But only at Love, Lori will you find the best cream from the top selling foot care brand on the planet! Our creams, like most on the market (minus the hefty price tag) pack up a rich concentration of urea, which aids in breaking down the skin cells. The urea breaks down the keratin within the callus-dominated skin, alongside healing the roughness and cracks. 


Electric Removers & Abrasives

my solemate pumice foot scrubber

The good news is that there is no need for electric callus removers when using the Love, Lori Callus Remover Gel. These can often be too abrasive may cause injury. The suggested product for scrubbing when using gel is a pumice stone such as the My Solemate 2-in-1 by Love, Lori.





You can apply the cream onto your heels after taking a shower and leave it on overnight. As you sleep, your calluses will shrink overnight; you will wake up to smooth and soft feet. These creams have a buttery texture, and you can add them to your daily foot care routine to prevent calluses and corns from occurring. Just be sure to wear some socks once you've applied the product. Keep in mind that creams require more consistency than gels or electric callus removers.

If you are suffering from thick calluses and deeply cracked heels, you probably need something more powerful to get effective results. Consider investing in a callus shaver that comes with a blade, and is more effective at scraping away those hard calluses, alongside exfoliating dead skin. However, these blades require immense care and precision as one wrong move can damage a foot issue, or make a deep cut that can attract an infection. It is wise to invest in callus shavers that come with sturdy wooden handles to avoid slippage. They also serve as large foot rasp foot files and can come in handy while eliminating thinner calluses. 

These callus shavers serve as amazing pedicure tools and will transform flaky and deeply cracked heels into super-soft baby feet in a few days of regular use. The razor blade allows superior precision, but you must soak your feet in lukewarm water to allow the hard skin to shave off without much struggle. 

If you're more comfortable with old-fashioned and traditional remedies, filing with a pumice stone is a highly effective remedy for calluses and corns. Pumice stones not only remove calluses and hard skin, but they also give feet a smoother and softer appearance. This is a handy feet care tool that you can use whenever you jump into the shower. It features two sides, one for scrubbing and exfoliating skin, and the other side will polish and smooth out the heels. 

It is the most effective old-fashioned tool for smoothing out rough, callused feet with soft cracks. Just be sure to invest in a product with a sturdy handle to allow precision and avoid slippage. As compared to other callus removal products, this is by far the cheapest and long-lasting. 

Shop the Right Callus Removers for you

The right callus removal product for you depends on the severity of your condition and the state of your feet. It also depends on your budget and the amount of effort you're willing to put in. 

Lucky for you, Love Lori has an extensive collection of feet pampering products, and you can explore a wide variety of callus removal products. From creams and gels to electric callus removers and pumice stones. Their collection features a wide array of holistic and practical products that are designed to eliminate calluses and corns and restore the health and smoothness of your feet. 

We are particularly fond of the My Solemate 2 in 1 Pumice Stone and Callus Remover by Love, Lori, a truly remarkable product that offers immense utility. You can incorporate it into your daily foot cleaner ritual to prevent calluses and enjoy a mini-pedicure every time you step into the shower. It will help exfoliate all the dead skin and keep your feet smooth and soft. 

Now that we have discussed calluses and callus removal products in detail, we must remind you that it is important to take effective measures to prevent calluses from emerging in the first place. The real culprit behind this discomforting and unappealing skin formation is dryness, flakiness, and cracks. 

It all begins from flaky skins and soft cracks, which begin to develop into hard skin and deeper cracks, finally erupting into calluses and corns. If you allocate 10-15 minutes of your daily routine to pampering your feet, you can prevent such ailments from occurring in the first place. 

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