The Day I Became An Adult

I'll never forget the moment I became an adult and learned I had an inner guidance system for the first time. 

It was maybe 3 days after 9/11. I remember going through extremely different emotions from one minute to the next. I remember being so numb at moments it was like I was catatonic. Then I would go into moments of feeling extreme panic and the deepest sadness I would ever feel.  It had been 3 days and deep inside I knew.

During that time families still had hope that perhaps their loved ones would somehow turn up. Perhaps they were taken to a hospital and for whatever reason just weren't yet able to get in touch with us yet. But I knew. I knew he wasn't coming back.

But I remember the moment I really knew and in that moment I had some sort of vision of my life without him. And my immediate instinct was to run over to my parents and scream WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!!!

And just as I was about to ask them, something stopped me. And a voice inside my head in that moment said...Lori...your parents just lost their child. What are THEY going to do? They don't know what we are going to do. You need to figure this out for yourself and only you can answer this for yourself.

And it was in that moment I became a grown up. In that moment I realized that in life I am going to have to learn how to figure things out because other people aren't always going to have the answers. I learned that it would be important to rely on my inner guidance and my intuition for many things and I learned that that is OK.

  Trusting yourself is a good thing. Listening to your heart is a great thing. Not always having someone to give you the answers is actually a really good thing as too many of us allow ourselves to be wrongly influenced by others because we don't have enough belief in ourselves. We were born with something called intuition for a reason.

All of the cliches are cliches for a reason. Trust your gut. Trust yourself. When you need to find answers sit quietly and allow your inner guidance to give you the answer that keeps you moving in the right direction and don't be afraid to rely on your inner guidance because it is always right.

There's nothing wrong with asking for outside guidance and support but with some things in life you really just need to go with your gut. You know those decisions you make where you can just feel it in your bones? Go with that. Trust yourself. You already have all of the answers within you.

Whatever you are going'll get through this. Let your inner guidance system guide the way. It always has your back

Love, Lori


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