New York, New York

I'm about to get personal here. Let's talk about gut instinct and intuition. Its is REAL. And we need to learn to listen to it and trust it more. I didn't listen to my gut when everything in my body was telling me NOT to relocate from my home New York City to Miami. I thought I was making a smart and responsible business decision as an entrepreneur. After all there is no state income tax in Florida and rents are cheaper. But my heart is and has always been in New York. When I was making my decision I thought to myself..what would Gary Vaynerchuk say? And I convinced myself that he would have told me to make the sacrifice and relocate for a while so I could save more money that I could put back into continuing to grow my business. Ha. I would have told myself anything to help convince myself that my gut was getting it wrong. But my gut was right. Home is where the heart is. And I have spent the last 10 years building my business and making sacrifices. I may have gone a little too far this time. I am going to use the word that everyone says you should never use and that is REGRET. I can already see the ways in which I've changed through this truly uncomfortable experience. Good changes so I really shouldn't say I regret it. But once I'm finally back home I know I will be grateful for this uncomfortable growing experience. Oh did I mention I'm moving back home? Yes in two weeks. I didn't make it the full year I had planned on. Because this time I'm listening to my gut that is telling me that I need to cut my losses and go back to my heart which can only and can always be found in New York City. My name is Lori Barzvi. I am an entrepreneur and I love New York.

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