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The importance of caring for your feet is often underplayed as a result of large skincare brands, media shows, and celebrities running campaigns primarily surrounding facial beauty and advertising products for hands and nails. However, your feet are still an essential part of your body and deserve more care and recognition than they’re generally given.

What are Foot Scrubbers?

Foot scrubbers are a special tool used to help keep your feet, particularly the soles, in top condition. They are commonly used around the heels and other rough areas on your foot sole.

There are many types of foot scrubbers you can purchase. Most of these are man-made, but there are some natural options, too. The most common organic version of a foot scrubber is the pumice stone, which results when lava and water mix and harden.

Benefits of Using Foot Scrubbers

Foot scrubbers, sometimes known as feet cleaners, can help you ensure that your feet stay in the best condition possible. They aid in exfoliation and removal of dry and dead organic matter from the soles of your feet.

Scrubbing your feet regularly will help soften the skin and leave you with a smooth texture. Your skin tone will also improve and become more even. Unkempt foot soles often change color; they may darker or turn a shade of grey due to the excessive deposition of dead cell matter. Foot scrubbers can also help remove calluses and tough skin from the soles of your feet.

Scrubbing your feet can also improve blood circulation and provide relief to tired feet. Achy feet will also benefit from this, and improved blood circulation can help take the pain away. Some people use a foot massager scrubber to improve blood flow and direct it towards the feet. This kind of scrubber massages your feet and generally has different, specialized firm bristles.

Lack of Foot Care

Negligence in terms of foot care can yield many negative results. Firstly, your skin may begin to turn dry and itchy. It may peel off or begin to flake. This is unnatural and should be stopped before your feet progress into a worse condition. Dry feet are the stepping stone towards full-on foot negligence. 

If negligence is continued, it is likely that your feet will begin to turn hard. This is because multiple layers of dead, dry skin will begin to build up over the heel of your foot and other problem areas. Eventually, your skin may develop calluses, which are hard bumps of rough skin that appear at the bottom of your feet. Needless to say, these are painful, especially when stepped on.

Walking may become difficult and painful once you develop calluses, so be sure to avoid them by caring for your feet beforehand. Taking regular showers also helps because they will allow your feet to stay soft and free from dirt. Once you are done with your shower, sit down on a teach shower bench and scrub away for an extra-polished look!

If you want to clean your feet during your bath or shower instead of after it, consider using a shower foot scrubber instead of a regular foot scrubber, just be sure to clean your shower floor after cleaning your feet, or else you could risk leaving the dirt that leaves your soles on the shower floor, which will only promote infections instead of decreasing the risk of them. You may use a shower floor foot scrubber instead. This kind of product can be placed on the floor itself and help keep both your foot soles and your shower floor free from dirt, dead skin cells, and grime.

Using a bath mat type of foot scrubber gently massages your skin as well as removes dead skin. It stimulates circulation and left you with a Pedi perfect look!

Sometimes, people forget to care for their feet at all. In extreme cases like this, your feet may dry out or develop dead skin build-up to the point where the skin at your heels may begin to crack. Once your heels begin to crack, going back becomes a real challenge. You will have to put in large amounts of time and dedicate them solely to foot care if you want to reverse this phenomenon.

Cracked feet can sometimes be painful, too. You cannot easily clean them, then, because cracked feet have many crevices that need to be addressed. They are also more likely to aid in the development of foot funguses and bacterial or nail infections.

Feet cleaning is more important than you think. To avoid damaging your feet, start caring for them now! Be sure to include the use of a scrubber cleaner tool, too.

Looking for Something Amazing for your Shower?

Finding a good foot scrubber is essential; without it, your foot care routine will be incomplete. There are many fantastic foot scrubbers available on the market. Every scrubber offers something different. Some may be small and others large. Foot scrubbers may be rough or gentle, and the type you choose depends on the texture of your skin and how dirty or damaged your feet are.

But what if you could have a product that offered the best of both worlds?

Love, Lori’s My Solemate is a 2 in 1 pumice stone and soap blend. This foot scrubber can remove calluses as well as dry and patchy skin. The device is fitted with a moisturizing soap on the other side, which will leave your skin feeling soft and pampered.

my solemate - anti fungal pumice

This kind of product is extremely convenient to use. It is also durable and long-lasting. The soap used in this product is infused with shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Each of these has a list of amazing benefits:

Shea butter: Shea butter contains high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins, which is why this product is so commonly seen in the world of beauty and cosmetics. It is extremely nourishing and will leave your skin soft after use.  Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing powers.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera has many uses in herbal medicine as well as beauty. It is full of vitamin A, vitamin C, enzymes, and antioxidants, all of which combine together to help your skin look healthy and radiant.

Vitamin E: This vitamin is excellent for your skin. It can reduce the harmful effects of free radicals thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties. This means that vitamin E can reduce the signs of aging that accompany skin as you grow older. It can also reduce the damage caused by UV rays from sunlight, though that won't be much of a problem considering how the soles of your feet are likely to see harsh daylight too often. Regardless, vitamin E is a true powerhouse and winner when it comes to skincare.

Another product worth considering would be the Athlete’s Foot Pumice Stone with Tea Tree Oil and Antifungal Soap Duo. This product, too, is by Love, Lori.

This product is similar to the one mentioned above but contains a different type of soap. Its pumice stone is also somewhat rougher, which is excellent for aiding in the removal of fungal debris from the skin.

This soap contains tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil. These natural oils can combat fungus and also bring back your feet’s natural softness and glow. Athlete’s foot is an extremely common occurrence but can be beaten with the help of this soap, as long as it’s used regularly.

Here are the benefits of the essential oils used in this soap:

Tea tree oil: This oil contains antibacterial and antifungal powers, which makes it excellent for use against athlete’s foot and similar fungal conditions.

Eucalyptus: This oil is a powerful disinfectant and can beat fungal infections like a pro!

Lavender oil: Lavender oil is a potent antifungal substance. It is particularly beneficial when used to beat fungal infections concerning the skin and nails.

Peppermint oil: Peppermint oil can decrease pathogenesis or the birth of new germs. By inhibiting the growth and spreading of fungus, this oil can help you defeat your athlete’s foot infection.

Both of these products have a lot to offer, and each one brings something unique to the table. When browsing for a foot scrubber, be sure to consider these ones!

Pumice Stones: An Alternate to the Shower Foot Scrubber

Pumice stones are an excellent alternative to man-made foot scrubbers. They are an all-natural product and have no carbon footprint. They are an excellent option for those who are more inclined towards using natural products and reduce their carbon footprint. This is something we should all aim for, especially due to the threats of global warming and climate change.

However, some people may feel that pumice stones don’t work well for them, which is alright, too. Such people should opt for a man-made foot scrubber instead. Your feet should never be neglected, even if you can’t afford to use organic products!

Pumice stones are formed when lava and water mix together. These stones are light in weight but have plenty of strength and power, too, which makes them an excellent tool for removing dead skin from your feet. They are also porous, solid, and abrasive, but not harsh enough to damage your skin.

Pumice stones can also soften calluses, which are thick, hard patches of skin that develop after an injury, excessive pressure, or friction. They can also remove thicker layers of dirt and dust from your feet, which may have collected over time. 

You can use pumice stones every day to scrub your feet with, but be sure to use them gently, or else you may damage your skin and end up with cuts, bruises, or the like. Rubbing this stone against your skin for too long or with too much pressure can also cause bleeding, which only us the chance of infection.

Never use a pumice stone without wetting it. Dry stone is bound to cause damage!

You can purchase a pumice stone easily. They are commonly available at grocery shops, health stores, and some beauty parlors. Some shops may offer a double-sided pumice stone. Such stones have two different textures; one side is more abrasive and the other gentler.

Here’s how you can use pumice stone to exfoliate your skin:

Similar to the way your use foot scrubbers, in order to soften your feet before going in with the pumice stone, you will require a small tub of warm water. Soak your feet in this water until your skin has softened and begun scrubbing your soles with the stone. You may use the stone on its own, but it can also be safely used alongside a chemical foot scrub product.

 Using a moisturizer like cream, lotion, or oil is recommended once you’re done scrubbing. This will help your feet stay soft and refreshed throughout the day.

Pumice stones may be slightly more challenging to clean that most man-made foot scrubbers, but there is hope! Here’s how you can ensure your stone stays clean:

Take your used pumice stone and run it under warm water if dry. Take an old toothbrush, or any brush with fine bristles, and apply liquid detergent or soap onto it. Next, take the brush and scrub the pumice stone thoroughly. The toothbrush’s fine bristles are excellent for removing any dirt, grime, and skin debris the stone may have collected.

Once you are done scrubbing, run the stone (and toothbrush) underneath a stream of water, or submerge the stone in clean water and rub out all the dirt, dead cells, and grime that will have surfaced after the scrubbing session.

You can either pat the stone with a towel or leave it out in a clean space to dry. Never store your stone inside a box or closed space until it is dry. Leaving a stone wet for too long out in the air will encourage bacteria and fungus to grow upon it, rendering it useless.

Another way of cleaning your pumice stone is by leaving it in a solution of 4 cups of water and three tablespoons of bleach for 3 to 5 minutes. Make sure you rinse the stone well before using it again to ensure all the bleach is gone. 

Pumice stones are an excellent alternative to foot scrubbers and do a great job of removing dead skin from the soles of your feet.

Final Thoughts

In light of the information above, it is safe to say that everyone should own a foot scrubber. Not owning one can lead to unwanted effects and can leave your feet tired and aching. At the very least, your feet will be dry and dirty. They may even develop calluses and cracks if totally neglected.

You can choose a foot scrubber from the options to listen above, or explore Love, Lori's website for more options. Alternatively, you may use an alone pumice stone to achieve fresh and radiant skin. Though these stones are a little more complicated to take care of than plastic foot scrubbers, their effect on the environment is not negative, which is why many people prefer them.

Be sure to care for your feet, though, no matter what product you choose to use!



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